Author: Erik Contzius

Help! I need a computer (I think.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with friends and family about computers and thought to myself, “Why are people paying so much to get e-mail?”. Seriously. When it comes to a car, most people are pragmatic: They examine their budget, evaluate their needs, and get a reasonable car. Even if you’re getting a luxury car, you’re doing so because you love to drive or because you enjoy the comfortable ride. But I’ve seen so many people spend hundreds of dollars on computers that can edit the next Pixar film when all they really need is something...

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The importance of identity – business.

Starting up a new venture is always a challenge. For us here at Make Tech Better, we love the challenge. One of them is developing and growing our identity. The first part of that is trying to figure what we want to communicate with the world visually. We just completed designing some logos, business cards, and other things requiring a designer’s eye. It made us focus on our mission, vision, and values. We settled on the image of a light bulb. Light, since the beginning of recorded time, has been a symbol of knowledge. The light bulb is probably...

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What motivates us

Many of our friends have and use computers, but basically to surf the web or to check e-mail. So many of them (and maybe even you) really would like to be able to do more with their computers, but they just don’t know how or where to even start. We’ve been giving out computer advice to our friends for years, whether on a Mac or PC. Along the way, we’ve seen that many people would like to do the same kinds of things, but are either technophobic or just aren’t able to think like a computer. Humans don’t think...

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