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We like to make our clients feel like their tech actually is better after we’ve worked with them. A big part of that is our high-touch service. We are patient, thorough, and will try to answer any question you throw at us.

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General Questions

[toggle title=”Why Make Tech Better?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]We looked at what we liked doing most for people and realized that a lot of folks know how to use computers, but could always do so better. We’re like your coach at the gym: Sure, you can work out by yourself, but improve your form, tweak your peak, and boom! you’re looking fine! That’s us. Which reminds me, I gotta get to the gym![/toggle] [toggle title=”Where are you located?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]We are in Westchester County, New York, but our clients are from all over the country! That’s the beauty of computers. We use Skype, telephone, e-mail… it’s like we’re with you right now. Look behind you. We made you a sandwich![/toggle]


[toggle title=”How do you maintain my website?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]We make sure that the software that supports your website is running smoothly. We are constantly monitoring all our sites to make sure they are up, running, and working the way they should. There are software updates that need running as the internet evolves and all of our maintenance services are included in our maintenance packages![/toggle]


[toggle title=”I need a new website. How do we start?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]

Glad you asked! If you’ve never had a website before, you’ll need an address for your site, content, hosting, and maintenance. Let’s break that down:

Address: You need an URL (it’s how you found us–it starts with “http” and goes on from there. It has to be unique on the internet. We can help you figure out this one. We’re creative types.

Content: If you have a website but nothing published on it, what’s the point? Articles, graphics, photos… This is why people are coming to your site in the first place!

Hosting: Your website actually takes up physical space on a computer! Hosting is about where your site will live. We host our sites on reliable computers with easy access for you and us, but not for strangers and hackers!

Maintenance: Once your website is up, if it never changes, you might as well have taken an ad out in the Yellow Pages! Websites can (and should) be dynamic things that inform people about what you and your business are up to right now! Maintenance is also about making sure your site is working smoothly. That’s what we do!

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Will you develop a website on another server?” open=”false” icon=”question-sign”]We get asked to do that a lot. We are happy to develop and create a website on the server of your choosing. However, should you want support after the site’s completion, we can only support issues arising from the website’s framework and code, not issues that may arise from your server. An example would be if your server goes down. If you host with Make Tech Better, we can offer you complete support with our support plans.[/toggle]

Still confused?

We actually answer all of our questions! Send an e-mail to questions@maketechbetter.com and maybe your FAQ will appear right on this page! Or give us a call at: 1-855-WE-GET-TECH (1-855-934-3883)

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