[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Our Website Development Process”]

As we collaborate with our clients in developing their websites, we want to be sure the process from start to finish is thorough, transparent, and solid. This is a guide to our development process once we start to work together:

[skill percentage=”10″ title=”1) Review and acceptance of quote”]

After you have completed our online website questionnaire, you will be sent a thorough quote detailing all the parts of your project. Should you have any questions or concerns of these details, please contact us before accepting the quote so there are no misunderstandings. We want to make sure our clients start and finish with us completely satisfied.

[skill percentage=”20″ title=”2) Planning & requirements meeting”]

Once we have received your initial deposit, we will schedule a meeting to review the stages of the project, sketch out a website map, and talk about all the assets which will need to be gathered to create your site. This includes all your copywriting, photos, videos, graphics, etc. which will be presented on your site.

[skill percentage=”30″ title=”3) Set deadlines for stages”]

After the planning meeting, you will receive a list of proposed deadlines for each stage of the project below. This will help meet your deadline as well as move the project along. One important deadline will be for asset gathering, which will be done through our project management system to make sure we don’t lose any stray communications or files.

[skill percentage=”43″ title=”4) Design consultation”]

You will have an opportunity to, either in person, via telephone or Skype, or via e-mail, review at least three different design options for your website. This first consultation will allow you to decide, based on your goals and initial conversations with Make Tech Better, what is the best look and feel for your website. Changes will be made along the way to tailor your design, but this stage will be to solidify the design direction. During this consultation, should you need design work including branding and logo development, we are happy to refer you either to our own design department or to our design partners who specialize in brand development.

[skill percentage=”60″ title=”5) Concept/prototype presentation”]

When Make Tech Better has developed your site to the point at which it looks close to a finished product, after using your assets, we will share the site with you in a controlled environment (not in a live state on the internet). You’ll be able to “kick the tires” and make sure the functionality and appearance are to your satisfaction. We will comb the site together, making sure every link is functional, every photo clear, and all the layouts look right.

[skill percentage=”72″ title=”6) Review & rollout”]

After the prototype presentation, edits are usually made based on typos found, decisions changed, or technologies need to be modified for better functionality. Once a client approves the finished product, it is then time to roll out the site onto a Managed Host. It is at this time we pass the full ownership of the website to you. Once in your hands, should you want that added boost which comes from search engine optimization (SEO), we will refer you to our partners who can help you get to the top of the search engine list results.

[skill percentage=”85″ title=”7) Training”]

We make sure that you will be able to make as many edits to your site as you’d like, quickly, easily, and painlessly. We offer a one hour comprehensive training to our site owners, accompanied by full documentation. Your training will allow you to alter content. When it comes to design overhauls or added functionality, it is best to leave that heavy lifting to Make Tech Better! But whether you update your blog, change content in your calendar, or add new personnel to your staff list, you should be well equipped and trained to be your own website’s editor.

[skill percentage=”100″ title=”8) Future support”]

We like to check in with our clients via our newsletter. We also want our clients to be assured that if you need further modifications to your new website beyond simple content editing, Make Tech Better is ready to help you once again.


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