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Darryl E.<i>, Photographer/Director/Writer</i>

Erik is a my go-to for sage advice on all things web. Erik thinks like a marketer, but codes like a nerd and has the insight necessary to build sites that run well, tell the proper story and get business! Erik is also a genius networker and has introduced me to some ideal people to partner with on projects. Finally, Erik thinks fast, reacts quickly and has ideas to solve problems without debating for ages.

Gary K.<i>, LMSW, Gary Katz Counseling</i>

Erik designed and developed two websites for me. He did an incredible job on both websites. I have received numerous compliments from new clients that they contacted me because of my website. Erik was extremely personable and helpful to me throughout the whole process. He explained things in simple terms to me and was able to understand my vision and transmit it into reality.

Stephen R., <i>Principal/Broker at Connect Business Brokers, LLC</i>

Hiring Erik to create my web-site was a real pleasure and great for my business. He quickly figured out my needs, budget and style and had me up and running with web-presence in no time. His technical knowledge coupled with his ability to communicate with non-tech people made what seemed to be an overwhelming task quite painless. I look forward to hiring Erik at MakeTechBetter again in the future.

Annie Bornstein, <i>Jewish Heart and Soul</i>

I cannot say enough about the excellent work done by Erik on the creation of my website. Erik did exactly what I asked him to do, expressing precisely what I wanted to convey. His artistic choices have brought forth many, many compliments on both the beauty and appearance of the site as well as the intentionally clear and concise message it sends.

I am proud to recommend Erik and Make Tech Better for your projects and do so with no hesitation or reservation whatsoever.

Scott B., <i>Creative Director | Brand Strategist</i>

Erik has embraced his new career as a Web and Technology Expert with gusto. He’s shown remarkable willingness to satisfy me and my clients with a high attention to detail and great client service. I highly recommend Erik to both experienced marketing professionals and to those who are looking for a capable, trustworthy partner to show them the capabilities, considerations and potential costs entailed in developing a website.

Alexis D.,<i> VP Creative Director, Mullen Advertising</i>

Monica was an invaluable part of our team at Mullen Interactive. At the height of the dotcom boom Monica helped our modest team launch 15 IPO sites in less than 12 month. Despite short deadlines and limited manpower Monica’s dedication and attention to detail kept projects on schedule. She is smart, remorseful and above all hard working. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Stacy G.,<i> VP Account Supervisor, Mullen Advertising</i>

Monica is one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with. We worked together on large, extremely complex website builds and her ability to remain calm and collected under pressure never ceased to amaze me. Her sense of humor provided a welcome release for the team, and she took charge like a true leader making everyone on the team feel confident we’d deliver flawlessly. I’d pick Monica first for my team, every time.

James W., <i>VP Interactive Media, Mullen Advertising</i>

Monica is a driver. Exceptionally detail-oriented, Monica researched and delivered exceptional advice in an ever-changing digital market. An extremely valuable member of our interactive team, her expertise and motivated management helped create the best work on my watch. I recommend her without any reservation.

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Josh B., <i>Cantor, Congregation Beth Elohim</i>

Erik displayed an immediate and innate understanding of our concert publicity needs. He delivered graphic drafts quickly and conveniently and was eager to collaborate throughout the entire project. Everyone in the audience took their program book home as a keepsake souvenir—the program book Erik designed for us. I recommend his work heartily and without reservations!

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Loic V.<i>, VP Enterprise Systems, Pitney Bowes</i>

I hired Monica in the position and found her to be extremely strong in that role, displaying excellent skills to both work with the various business & technical stakeholders globally at all levels of the organizations. Monica is a dynamic individual and I truly enjoyed working with her.

Elizabeth B., <i>Managing Director, Business Analysis, Teach for America</i>

Monica is trusted by both her clients and teammates to ask the insightful questions that keep projects on track. She is known for her work ethic and willingness to push to a deadline. Monica is counted on not only for her cheerful, positive outlook, but also for her strong client relationships and expertise in successful CRM implementations.

Eileen H., <i>VP of Marketing, Analysis Group</i>

First, Monica is a superb project manager who has the ability to keep both busy people and complex projects on track and moving forward. Second, she is the ultimate diplomat, relying on her ability to influence people and respond to their concerns in a way that is empathetic and thoughtful. Third, she is a highly intelligent and creative problem solver who explores all angles and never gives up on a potential idea. In addition: Monica is always well prepared and organized, and excels at thinking on her feet. I never felt less than 100% confident in putting her in front of the most senior managers at our firm (most are Ph.D. economists and skeptical by training), knowing she had the skills, knowledge, and presence to make her points successfully. Monica was key to our ability to get buy-in for our CRM system from the managing partners, and to our ability to implement the system. She was as adept at dealing with the vendor and internal IT staff to deflect any turfism issues as she was at achieving consensus among some skeptical managers. She also fit in seamlessly with our team and gained the respect and friendship of her colleagues. Monica is a terrific professional and gifted individual who my team and I would be happy to endorse.

Denise R.<i>, CRM Database Manager, Analysis Group</i>

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Monica! She is a bright and talented person who was passionate about her work at Analysis Group. She was a terrific mentor, making sure that I had a comfort level with each aspect of the responsibilities she transitioned to me. Monica is someone I really idolized in many ways – her professionalism, insightfulness, and team spirit to name a few. Today, I sometimes find myself reflecting on how Monica would handle a particular situation in order to help direct my decisions and actions. If asked, would I like working for or with Monica again, the answer would be “in a heartbeat!”

Diana G.<i>, General Manager, InfoImage</i>

Monica was a very detail oriented project manager who had excellent customer facing skills. She had very good feedback from her customers, and worked very well as part of a fast growing team. As part of a start-up organization, Monica many times had to wear multiple hats and think outside the boundaries to get things accomplished. She was able to effectively achieve results while working within a constantly changing environment. It was a pleasure to have Monica as part of the team!

Lynn D., <i>Officer, The First Church Christ Scientist</i>

Monica is an outstanding project manager who can bring all parts of the project together and recognize when adjustments to the project need to be made. She’s fearless and has grace in everything she does. Additionally, she is with outstanding details, logistics and anticipating the roadblocks i.e. she can think through things. Everyone loved working with Monica because of her collaborative style. Even more, Monica is an expert in working with the most difficult managers; she works towards the goal and always keeps a cool head when the going gets tough. What speaks volumes is that still today (and it was 5 years ago when I worked with her), people still refer to her as being a real star in the organization. She has many, many fans here, and we’d hire her again in a heart-beat!

Danielle B., <i>Meeting Manager, The First Church Christ Scientist</i>

Highly Skilled, Innovative, Diplomatic, Smart, Intuitive – All characteristics that come to mind when thinking of Monica Flaherty. Monica is my go to person for managing any project. Her intelligence and ability to navigate the most complex of situations with grace and ease makes her one of the best people I have ever worked with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat as I know it would be a great experience full of challenge, growth and success with a great leader at the helm.”

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