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[toggle title=”Project Management” open=”false” icon=”time”]$150/hour (examples: Gathering your requirements, setting up a project schedule, keeping you informed about project progress, managing the work of designers, programmers, and data entry staff)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Web Development” open=”false” icon=”th”]$125/hour (Technical configuration of your website, email or other applications)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Graphic Design” open=”false” icon=”tint”]$125/hour (examples: Logo creation, graphical icons for site, layout work, brochures and business cards)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Salesforce Planning & Setup” open=”false” icon=”briefcase”]$175/hour (Setting up a new Salesforce system, or enhancing your existing one through custom layouts, process automation, reports, data cleanup and more.)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”On-Site Support” open=”false” icon=”home”] $150 first hour, $100 each additional hour, 2 hour minimum (examples: Set up a new computer, install software or hardware, virus or malware scan)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Remote Support” open=”false” icon=”retweet”]$100/hour, ½ hour minimum (examples: Walk-through on phone and on-line, quick fixes, support without too much hand-holding)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Data Entry” open=”false” icon=”tasks”]$25/hour (examples: Repetitive information on multiple pages, completing and updating copy from old to new website)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Training (in person)” open=”false” icon=”user”]$150 first hour, $100 each additional hour, 2 hour minimum (examples: Learn how to use Skype, learn all about social networking, get training for yourself or your group for Office Suite, use your computer as a desktop music studio)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Technology Consultation” open=”false” icon=”info-sign”]$100/hour (examples: Computer purchasing advice, software purchasing advice, off-site training of computer use)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Travel” open=”false” icon=”road”]For sites outside of Westchester county, travel time will be billed hourly at 50% of the service rate + tolls, air/train tickets, parking, and other transportation expenses[/toggle]