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[iconbox iconurl=”http://maketechbetter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/heart.png” title=”High Touch Service”]You don’t just need a web solution. You need someone who can help you understand the “how” and the “why.” We explain technology in plain English and help you understand all your tech requirements. We’re geeky. Not geeks.[gap]Learn More→[/iconbox]
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Darryl E.<i>, Photographer/Director/Writer</i>
Erik is a my go-to for sage advice on all things web. Erik thinks like a marketer, but codes like a nerd and has the insight necessary to build sites that run well, tell the proper story and get business! Erik is also a genius networker and has introduced me to some ideal people to partner with on projects. Finally, Erik thinks fast, reacts quickly and has ideas to solve problems without debating for ages.
Gary K.<i>, LMSW, Gary Katz Counseling</i>
Erik designed and developed two websites for me. He did an incredible job on both websites. I have received numerous compliments from new clients that they contacted me because of my website. Erik was extremely personable and helpful to me throughout the whole process. He explained things in simple terms to me and was able to understand my vision and transmit it into reality.
Elizabeth B.<i>, Managing Director, Business Analysis at Teach for America</i>
Monica is trusted by both her clients and teammates to ask the insightful questions that keep projects on track. She is known for her work ethic and willingness to push to a deadline. Monica is counted on not only for her cheerful, positive outlook, but also for her strong client relationships and expertise in successful CRM implementations.
Steve R., <i> Connect Business Brokers LLC</i>
Hiring Erik to create my web-site was a real pleasure and great for my business. He quickly figured out my needs, budget and style and had me up and running with web-presence in no time. His technical knowledge coupled with his ability to communicate with non-tech people made what seemed to be an overwhelming task quite painless. I look forward to hiring Erik at MakeTechBetter again in the future.
Loic V.<i>, VP Enterprise Systems at Pitney Bowes</i>
I hired Monica in the position and found her to be extremely strong in that role, displaying excellent skills to both work with the various business & technical stakeholders globally at all levels of the organizations. Monica is a dynamic individual and I truly enjoyed working with her.
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