We have a lot of experience hand-holding the absolute computer beginner to working with very advanced users. No need to be embarrassed with us! We’re happy to show you:

  • How to purchase a new computer
  • How to use your new Mac/PC
  • How to upgrade your computer with new Memory and/or Storage
  • How to set up and use e-mail
  • How to browse the internet safely and securely
  • How to organize your music, pictures, and video
  • How to use video chat
  • How to protect yourself against computer viruses
  • How to publish to YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video hosts
  • How to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular social networks
  • and much more!

Beginner’s starter packages begin at $250, which includes an online questionare review of your computing needs, in-home hands-on consultation, and e-mail follow-up support. Contact us today to get started!