Author: Erik Contzius

2015 Omer Counting Guide

Get your free e-book right now! Back by popular demand! If you serve a congregation and need an Omer Counting Guide for the pulpit (originally intended for clergy and lay-leaders of Reform congregations), you’re in the right place. If you’d like to know more about this Jewish ritual, Rabbi Richard Sarason wrote a great explanation of it, and I wrote an article in 2012, both of which were published by the Union for Reform...

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Fitbit Charge hr—a solid fitness tracker indeed

So now, thanks to ArnoCorps, I’m trying to take my New Year’s resolution of getting fit seriously. I’m up to over 230 Push-Ups so far, my BMI is doing pretty well, and along with a low-carb diet, I’m down quite a few pounds. But I still need some encouragement to keep me moving and grooving. In the past, I’ve had moderate success with the BodyMedia tracker (bought out recently by Jawbone), but I had to wear it on my upper arm. The tracking was solid, but the comfort level was not the best. I gave up tracking for a...

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