Author: Erik Contzius

Protect your WordPress site with BruteProtect

I recently attended Connecticut WordCamp 2014 in Stamford. Never having attended a WordCamp before, I had no level of expectation or comparison (I look forward to WordCamp NYC this summer, now!). I do have to say that the organizers did a stellar job in vetting the presenters and bringing a great variety to the day’s programing. The very first session I attended was a really fascinating take on the “UX of Real-Time Site Personalization” given by Jesse Friedman. His talk was nothing short of brilliant—both in content and presentation—and I’d love to tell you more about it, but it’s his...

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Can one online marketing firm really do it all well?

Check this out. I’m Erik Contzius from Make Tech Better, Incorporated: A Human Touch in a Silicon World, and I get asked this question all the time. “Hey! As a website designer and developer, can you do it all? Can you give me a marketing strategy, design my logo, give me search engine optimization…?” Problem is, if anybody offers you all of those things, either they’ve got a team of 100 people, or they’re lying to you. Why? Because not one person can do all the heavy lifting. Let’s face it; a website is a marketing tool. It’s one...

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