If you’re a fan of Elegant Themes’ well designed WordPress themes, you’re in for a nice Christmas present (or Hanukkah, although that’s long past at this point!): Elegant Themes now allows for updating from the Dashboard! This is a huge benefit to those who really enjoy Elegant Theme’s well constructed theme control dashboard, but have been inconvenienced with the hassle of updating by having to delete the theme and install the update in more of a manual function.

I recently cited the ability to update a theme from within the dashboard as a really nice, if not almost necessary feature, in my review of Themify’s themes.

Nick, from Elegant Themes, comments:

We understand the importance of keeping things up-to-date. To ensure security and compatibility, you should always be using the latest versions of your themes and plugins. For this reason, it is important for us to make the process of updating our themes as easy as possible. For developers especially, who manage many installations for their clients, keeping your customers updated will now be a breeze.

Between this back-end update, and Elegant Theme’s latest theme, Divi, Elegant Themes has once again proved to be one of the stand-out theme developers out there!