ZingMap Kerned Right mediumWhen Make Tech Better first got its start almost two years ago, its focus was on a wide variety of tech services. But over the last year and a half, it was clear that the direction of our business was becoming much more concerned with website design, web development, and social media. In fact, as Make Tech Better worked with more and more firms, we wanted to really outshine our competition with marketing tools and tips designed to convert web visitors into solid leads for our clients.

So we got really good at digital marketing for our clients, but we kept our original name. And here was the conundrum: Here we were, making sure our clients had good solid branding and a web presence to match, and at the same time we ourselves grew out of our own persona. The “aha” moment came when talking to another vendor about what we did. A colleague said, “You should really think about a rebrand. Sounds like you guys do tech support!”

So for the past two months, we’ve been doing exactly that. And that’s why we’re rolling out our new Digital Marketing Agency: ZingMap.

We have a very innovative approach to our web design which we will be sharing soon.

So stay tuned for the formal announcement!