If you’re not familiar with Meetup.com, on the surface it looks like a place where people list their clubs so other like-minded people can join them. However, Meetup has great potential for those looking to network and attract an engaged audience. If you’re willing to host events that interest people in what you do or what your industry’s about, you can easily leverage Meetup into a viable marketing tool.

The best thing about Meetup.com is that the people who go there and sign up are looking to meet face to face, and typically join more than one Meetup group. These individuals want to find things that not only interest them, but attend events regarding said interests.

I’ve attended and hosted many a Meetup and think there is a greater potential for its use than is presently being implemented. For starters, Meetup.com has great SEO; It’s super-easy to use, both for hosts and for attendees; The RSVP system, online engagement, discussion forums, and social media sharing all work well, in addition to integrations with personal calendars. There’s not much of a downside to it. And with discount coupon codes to be found on the internet, it’s pretty reasonably priced for what you get in return.

This video walks through some of the features of Meetup.com and just a little of its potential.