Starting up a new venture is always a challenge. For us here at Make Tech Better, we love the challenge. One of them is developing and growing our identity. The first part of that is trying to figure what we want to communicate with the world visually. We just completed designing some logos, business cards, and other things requiring a designer’s eye. It made us focus on our mission, vision, and values.

We settled on the image of a light bulb. Light, since the beginning of recorded time, has been a symbol of knowledge. The light bulb is probably one of the most important advances of technology since the discovery of fire: It has allowed humanity to stay up until 3 in the morning to code! But seriously, the light bulb is something we take for granted, and yet its importance in how we live and what we do is paramount.

The underpinnings of a light bulb—how it was invented, improved upon, even how it works—is not thought about often. We simply turn on the light and it works (hopefully!). We at Make Tech Better are trying to do the same thing for our clients: Make technology work as easily as it’s supposed to, or at least as easily as it works on Star Trek!

Let us know how we can humanize the computing experience for you.